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... and convert more of your visitors to sign up and buy

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There's a good chance your pricing page is leaving money on the table

Because when it comes to pricing pages, most SaaS companies are pretty much winging it.

After all:

  • It’s so much more fun obsessing over your glamor page (aka home page). And eeeeveryone’s got an opinion.
  • You spend months and a ton of resources getting product pages “just right.” There’s not much left in the tank for the pricing page. You just want it over and done with.
  • And isn’t the job of a SaaS pricing page to show … well, options? The rest of the website explains the rest.
*Price varies based on # of pages

So you:

  • Define your pricing and tiering.
  • Get your UX design team to make a beautiful pricing table.
  • Add the title “Plans and Pricing” at the top.
*Price varies based on # of pages

Voilà. You hit publish.

“After all, the job of a SaaS pricing page is to show prices and plans. Right?”

Faaaar from it.

Your pricing page must satisfy visitors’ questions at various stages of their buying journey. From low awareness + low intent to high awareness + high intent.

Which means:

When compared to the rest of the website, the pricing page has the job of an Olympic weightlifter.

in fact:

Your pricing page is so much more than a “last stop” before your visitors convert.

A SaaS pricing page must:

  • Lead with your unique value proposition
  • Boost the believability of your promise
  • Neutralize buyer fears and objections
  • Attract the right visitor to the right plan
  • Make it stupid simple to say yes

The pricing page is not about price. It’s about your visitor’s desire to make progress.

The pricing page is where the visitor is seriously thinking about ditching the old way of doing things and switching to a better way.

But that switch never comes easy.

Inertia and apathy suddenly gain the upper hand.

Old objections bubble up to the surface like an ugly cauldron.

Something about a “Buy Now” button makes the visitor forget all the reasons they decided to say yes.

Which is why I’ve developed a service to help you uncover all the weak areas on the page—and show you quick, easy ways to strengthen them.


The Pricing Page

Let’s get your SaaS pricing page jacked and ready to pump up conversions

  • Strengthen your messaging
  • Pump up your value proposition
  • Prime your prospect for the right conversion
  • Headline copy
  • Price anchoring
  • Buyer psychology
  • Button and CTA copy
  • Plan Comparison Table
  • UX and design principles
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Social proof and trust signals
  • Tooltips and any other microcopy
  • Connection to rest of your website’s messaging

The pricing page is an intersection of positioning, messaging, conversion copywriting, UX and design.

That’s why my pricing page audit looks at everything from the big picture down to the nitty gritty details:

"We were blown away"

“We were blown away with Vesna’s pricing page audit. Her analysis was thorough and she provided insights we have not considered. Vesna was able to review our page and identify weaknesses and areas of confusion. She also redesigned our page and articulated her reasoning clearly from the perception of a buyer.

Our favorite part about the service was that we received deliverables outlining how to act on those insights. We are implementing her suggestions and would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Khanan Grauer
Komodo Founder & CEO
Team Komodo 🦎
Get your hands on the audit

What this service is NOT:

  • A merciless “teardown”
  • A contextless copy critique
  • A flush of your cash down the drain just to get skin-deep “opinions”

What this service IS:

  • A deep audit that reframes your pricing page from price to progress for the visitor
  • A revamp that’ll help your visitors think less about their wallet and more about value
  • An analysis, complete with recommendations, to help you optimize the right tier for the right ICP
The Pricing Page
is a value-packed  7-day turnaround service

How it works:

  • Lead with your unique value proposition
    You’ll give me context about your product, differentiated value and ICP. That way, I’m not making recommendations in a vacuum. I want my audit and insights to be tied to your target audience and business goals.
  • 30-minute “walkthrough” video
    This is where I audit your pricing page. I’ll be making observations and recommendations in a contextual, nuanced manner. This allows your team to review the video and discuss the recommendations in your own time.
  • PDF summary and checklist
    You’ll get a structured PDF or Google Doc (your preference) of recommendations as well as changes you can consider testing. This gives your team a bird’s eye view of the audit and allows you to prioritize updates to your pricing page.
  • Wireframe with new or revamped copy and layout
    You’ll get a Figma wireframe that helps you visualize my recommendations. This makes it super easy for your web design team to take action.
  • 60-minute call for Q&A
    After you review all the deliverables, we hop on a call where you can ask questions, get me to clarify anything, bounce ideas back. Whatever you wish.
Your investment: $1,497
*Price varies based on # of pages

How to get your hands on this service:

1. Select a kickoff date/time on my calendar.

2. Purchase the audit using your preferred credit card.

3. Enjoy the ride and let me do all the work.

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You may be wondering...

I’m interested in this service but want to chat about it first.

No problem! Send an email to and we’ll take it from there.

What if I don’t get any value from the service?

Once we have our kickoff call, I’ll be able to tell whether or not I can help you. If I think I can’t help you, I will refund you the $1,497. In other words, I won’t even do the audit unless I’m certain I can provide value in at least one crucial area of your pricing page. I want you to come away with solid, actionable improvements.

We’re just working on our website right now and don’t have a pricing page yet. Can you write a pricing page from scratch?

The Pricing Page Power-Up audit is best for SaaS companies with an existing pricing page. But I’m happy to discuss creating one from scratch for you, at $3,000. Book a quick discovery call here and let’s chat.