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Don’t let yours be one of them. Hire a copywriter who doesn’t just write nice words but gets inside your customers’ heads.

Most B2B tech websites aren’t written to convert their dream client.

Let’s face it:

As a consultant you’ve got one thing working against you: Your expertise is bottled inside your brain.


It’s abstract. Intangible. Seasoned.


Unlike a silk tie on a men's wear e-comm site, your product is invisible to the naked eye. And yet it’s able to transform your clients’ business and life. 


Communicating the value of the work you do between your ears is one of the hardest things to do in digital marketing.

That’s why you need a copywriter who knows how to sell the transformation.


Or, as Joanna Wiebe of Coyphackers says, to “sell your prospects a better version of themselves” (Where Stellar Messages Come From, Book 1, 2014, p. 4)

(pronounced “Vess-na”)

I write website and landing page copy for 6- and 7-figure business & tech consultants and B2B tech service providers who turn their clients into heroes. I believe in writing copy that doesn't just sell but creates loyal raving customers through VOC-driven messaging.

Trained by Copyhackers, I use a proprietary process based on studies in human decision-making. Conversion copywriting “is copy that moves the reader to ‘yes’ using voice-of-customer data, frameworks, formulas and proven persuasion techniques.” 

And it’s what you need to turn your website into a client-creation machine. On autopilot. 

Hi, I’m Vesna! 

Vesna Mirosavljev

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Your customers are walking treasure troves of copy. And your copywriter holds the key.

How do you get your website to hook your audience? How do you get them to stay on the page long enough to consider your offer and actually say yes to it?

Answer: “Join the conversation already happening in your customer’s head.”— Joanna Wiebe

And Jo’s 100% right on the money. Here’s why.


For your web copy to get the “yes,” you’ll need to know every little thing that stands between your prospect and your offer. And then address each one right on the page. In their own words.

That takes much more than a skin-deep “customer avatar” exercise.

It takes:

Digging deep and asking questions that are off the beaten path

Listening for things that are easy to miss 

Teasing out every belief and figuring out how it relates to your offer 

Finding out every piece of evidence your prospect needs to buy from you without flinching

Turning all of those insights into copy that matches your audience’s mindscape and makes their transformation believable 


In other words: 

Your web copy needs to make your visitor feel like you’re reading their minds. 

As a conversion copywriter, I use voice-of-customer data to write web copy that:

Nails the problem-and-agitation messaging so your prospects see themselves (and not just your biz) on the page

Frames the benefits of your solution in ways that differentiate you from your competitors

Oozes with social proof and powerful testimonials that say exactly what your new prospects need to hear to buy from you

Makes saying yes to your offer a no-brainer by removing every bit of friction at the point of conversion

Moves the needle in your business and eventually forces you to start a waiting list because you’ve got way too many prospects knocking on your door


That’s why …

You don’t need a copywriter. 

You need a business partner.

You need a messaging architect who knows how each piece of copy fits into your client-acquisition-and-transformation ecosystem.

You need a customer-obsessed conversion copywriter who:

  • Understands the challenges of long B2B buying cycles

  • Understands the complex world of IT, software development, and consulting

  • Steps into your world and truly “gets” your business model

  • Takes the time to get to know your ideal clients based on a JTBD (jobs to be done) VOC research model

  • Synthesizes all this information and turns it into an asset for your business

  • Writes irresistible copy that hooks, nurtures and then converts your prospects

  • Comes up with creative ways to validate your messaging (because industry user-testing and message-testing sites might not work for your unicorn business)

  • Helps you adapt your marketing strategy as your business evolves

Is that too much to ask of a copywriter?

Not in my world 😊

From competitor audits, client surveys and client interviews to message-testing your copy, my process starts with asking the right questions. So your web copy slashes every objection your prospects might have. And makes your offer a no-brainer for your dream clients. 


Thomas Capone photo.jpeg

“Vesna was quick to understand our needs. She was eager to ask the right questions to understand our brand, what we do as a company, and the clients we serve. As a result, we received expert guidance, along with quality copy and content.”

—Thomas Capone, MBA, VP of Business Development at Concepta Technologies


Here’s how I can help

Website, landing and sales page copy for customer-obsessed consultants, solopreneurs and B2B tech service providers

“Write my 3–5 page website from scratch.”


DFY full website copy from zero to hero


Web copy you can be proud of. Web copy that gets the yes. So you can grow your business on autopilot.


“My biz needs a long-form landing page.”


DFY landing or sales page copy 


Some consultants don’t want or need a full website. Sell your services on a single page with a killer offer.


“Take my home page from bland to bold.”


DWY one-page web copy makeover


Your home page is flat and collecting pixel dust. Let’s give it a voice that resonates with your visitors. So you can get better leads.

“I need a copy coach for my emails.”


DWY email sequences that nurture your list


You want to provide more value to your past, current and future clients. But you need help figuring out what to say and how to say it.

*DFY = Done For You

*DWY = Done With You

Rav Singh - testimonial photo.jpeg

“I had the chance to work with Vesna on several copywriting, content writing and editorial projects. We were in the process of launching our new website and wanted someone who could understand the company and help us write key statements to explain our services to our target customers. Using a series of interview questions over the course of four meetings, she was able to understand the business inside out and write our new website and landing pages.

What impressed me was that Vesna was able to rise to the occasion to write additional company assets beyond the website. She wrote a technical case study based on a webinar recording I sent her, and assisted me with script writing+editing for a company video.

Vesna was a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, adherence to timelines, ability to understand highly technical services and create content that explains them well is certainly commendable.

I would gladly recommend her to anyone.”

—Rav Singh, P.Eng., Founder and CTO, TRS Systems - “IIoT Integration Simplified”

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