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Numbers aren't good at telling stories.
Humans are.

Let’s turn your clients’ stories into web copy that opens your prospects’ wallets and turns them into loyal fans. Even if they’re the most logical, skeptical people on the planet. 

Here’s a breakdown of my approach.

Process at a Glance

for full website, home page and landing/sales page copy


“Virtual coffee” — Zoom call to see if we’re a fit
  • We chat about your needs + goals vs. my skills + availability.

  • We decide we’re a great fit (and if we’re not, I’ll recommend a few other copywriters from my network).

  • You get a proposal outlining our project within 48 hours.

  • We sign a contract and you pay a 50% deposit.


Deep Dive

“Ear to the ground” — research begins
  • I meet with you to get a founder’s story and learn about your business.

  • I send through any forms (if applicable) to get more product/service information.

  • I conduct competitor research.

  • I conduct review and forum mining for voice-of-customer data that’s outside of your client base.

  • I set up and conduct customer/client interviews and surveys.

  • I draft and negotiate testimonials from your clients (usually based on interviews).

  • We analyze and optimize your offer.




“Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard” — unleash the copywriter
  • I come up with a solution design.

  • I come up with a messaging strategy and hierarchy.

  • I draft and wireframe the first round of copy.

  • I send you a Loom video walking you through the first draft, explaining the rationale behind every piece of copy.

  • We set up a meeting so I can get your thoughts.

  • I revise as necessary.

  • We discuss ways to message-test and validate the copy.



“Stamp of approval and take it live” — let’s roll with it
  • I oversee or manage implementation of your copy. Note: I don’t design, but I’ll collaborate with your web designer as they implement the copy, and I’ll proofread at the end. The final live product and your satisfaction are hugely important to me.

  • I deliver all copy assets and applicable reports to you.

  • You pay the remaining balance on the invoice.

If that sounds good to you, let’s chat! I book 3 to 4 weeks out, so let’s get you on my calendar asap.

Graham Scott professional photo.jpg

“I have worked with Vesna on two projects now. … Vesna was a joy to work with. Her use of words and sentences is exceptional. She was professional enough to challenge my ideas and accept any critiques, with the whole process feeling like a collaboration.


The results from both projects were fantastic. … I have been extremely impressed by Vesna’s ability to grasp new concepts, and give and receive feedback”

—Graham “The Throughput Guy” Scott, Author, Theory of Constraints Thinking Expert, Finance and Numbers Expert 

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