B2B Tech and SaaS:

It’s time for copy that makes your competitors nervous and gets customers ready to buy

And get it from a copywriter who treats you waaaayy better than most agencies and freelancers do.

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Here’s the bitter truth:

Your product is rock solid. But your website isn’t doing it justice.

You’re leaving money on the table. And you’re painfully aware of it. But you feel stuck. Why?

Because profit-driven marketing agencies and average freelance copywriters just don’t take the time to understand your business.

So you end up with half-baked copy on your website. Again and again.

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You’ve just realized:

You don’t need more copy. You need a pro to connect the dots.

You’re looking for a strategist who’ll take everything you stand for and develop messaging and copy around those things:

  • Your positioning
  • Your brand story
  • Your customers’ buying journey

Because when your copy clicks in your visitors’ minds, prospects are more likely to go from curiosity to consideration to contacting you.

Hey, I’m Vesna — B2B Copywriter

I love getting my hands dirty in verticals most copywriters don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole

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It’s becoming a pattern. My copywriting friends send B2B companies selling complex tech solutions to me. Because IT, cybersecurity, software development, cloud, and B2B SaaS are different animals. Cutesy B2C tricks just don't apply here.

I was raised by a software engineer dad. I took C++ in university as an elective (old-school, I know) but ultimately stuck with English and mathematics. My brother works in cyber, my partner is a principal solutions architect, and many of my friends are engineers. In short, I’ve been surrounded by techies my whole life.

So while I'm not an SME myself, I can be part of the convo when you talk shop. This comes in handy when I interview technical decision makers like CIOs. And that's also why I only take on projects where I can really immerse myself into your world—your company, your product and your customers.

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Trained by the best in the business

“Translate technical speak into understandable business copy”

"I cannot recommend Vesna's copywriting expertise enough. Using her skills in writing plus her knowledge of tech, she has worked with my company on numerous articles and e-books over the last year."

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She approaches each project professionally and is willing to meet one-on-one with our tech experts to understand the subject matter best so that she can translate their technically speak into understandable business copy.

On top of that, her ability to communicate clearly and understand + respond to feedback is unrivalled.

William Hyatt
Former Group Content Manager
Mediocre website copy is costing you leads. Let’s stop the bleed.

You've come to the right place if you want to:

  • Replace confusion with clarity on your website
  • Banish clichés and buzzwords
  • Delight visitors with relevant, scroll-stopping copy
  • Stay top-of-mind for B2B buyers
  • Achieve conversion lifts with the right leads
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