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I’m very active on LinkedIn, even though I don’t post every week. If you’d rather DM me there, go ahead! I usually respond within the same day or next day.

Common questions—Candid answers

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Your prices are cost-prohibitive for us. Do you offer projects for less ?

Depending on what you have in mind, I can suggest custom packages. I can also dial back on the scope, like extent of research, number of revisions, implementation with designer, or post-launch support. I’m generally an open-minded, supportive person who believes there’s always a solution. Let’s chat to discuss. :)

Do you write other types of copy or content?

Yes. I write LinkedIn company pages, ad copy, and select content. But in most cases, I will write these assets either in tandem with website copy or after website copy. Commonly, clients will ask me to continue working with them in some ad hoc capacity after a website project. If you have something specific in mind, I’m open to hearing it. :)

Do you take clients outside of B2B and tech?

I’m a very open-minded person when it comes to whom I choose to work with and what verticals I concentrate on. Don’t be shy—get in touch. I’d love to learn about your business. Together we can decide we’re a good fit. :)

What are your payment terms?

For audits, it’s payment upfront. For actual copywriting projects, it’s either 50% deposit + 50% upon project completion or set date. And for really large projects of $10K+ we can do split payments.

What if I can’t give you customers to interview for the customer research part?

While 1:1 customer interviews provide a goldmine of insights, I have other ways to get data. We can discuss workarounds in more detail on our call. :)