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EigerCloud is an IT service provider and cloud-native applications developer specializing in the Microsoft ecosystem for SMBs. EigerCloud hired me to write their 12-page website.

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Numbers that seal the deal


Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with more than 40 companies.


Clients have consistently rated me 5/5, except one Brett.


I’ve driven over 2M conversions through content.

The Company 🏔️

Based in Switzerland, EigerCloud is a software development company specializing in Microsoft cloud applications and Azure cloud computing. They're a startup based in Switzerland. EigerCloud serves mostly midsize businesses and helps companies implement integrations, automation, and cloud-native applications built with Microsoft's low-code development tools.

The Challenge 💪🏻

A lot of smaller companies struggle making decisions about their IT modernization. Today's digital technology markets offer so many options, leaving decision-makers confused as to what makes the most sense for their business.

EigerCloud wanted to communicate the benefits of going to market quickly when you use Microsoft's cloud applications—which come with the functionalities they need out of the box. The interoperability of Microsoft is unparalleled and makes a lot of sense for businesses today. It helps them streamline processes and avoid data silos and fragmentation of their company.

EigerCloud needed a simple way to communicate these benefits to small and medium-sized businesses.

Building a Brand, Building the Site 🪄

We named EigerCloud after a mountain in Switzerland.

Eiger, the mountain, symbolizes the company's promise to help business build on solid ground, even if they are building in the cloud.

It also symbolizes helping businesses reaching new heights. But the company acts like an experienced guide to the "mountaineer" (the customer).

We broke down complicated technical concepts and used the website to give the visitor different perspectives helping them see the benefits of building their business in the Microsoft ecosystem.

We also wrote pages specific to CEOs, COOs, and CFOs.

Hero section of the "CFO" page
Another section on the "CFO" page
Section on the "Why EigerCloud" page

Note, this website is 80% done. Development is still implementing our pages. 😊

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