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Devoteam is an enterprise tech consulting firm with a global footprint spanning Europe, Middle East and Africa. As a contract writer I wrote circa twenty 1,000+ word articles and 50 technology summaries for two of their TechRadar publications.

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Numbers that seal the deal


Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with more than 40 companies.


Clients have consistently rated me 5/5, except one Brett.


I’ve driven over 2M conversions through content.

Writing for ~70 technologies

Working with Devoteam in 2023 and 2024, I interviewed subject matter experts at Devoteam and wrote about 20 blog articles. I also wrote succinct summaries of enterprise technologies, ranging from emerging to mature, for both the 2023 and 2024 editions of the Devoteam TechRadar.

20 ExpertView articles

I wrote around 20 articles of 1,000 to 1,500 words each.

Here are several:

50 TechRadar technology summaries

Devoteam publishes an annual guide called the TechRadar.

The team's SMEs submit technologies to be featured, and copywriters interview the experts and write a short summary and perspective on the technology. Technologies I've researched and written about include:

  • MinIO
  • Stormshield Data Security
  • ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • AWS Nitro
  • AWS Event Bridge
  • AWS Application Composer
  • Microsoft Identity
  • SailPoint IdentityNow
  • Ermetic
  • TenableAD
  • Kyverno
  • Wazuh
  • Prowler
  • Lightstep
  • Chronicle
  • Immuta
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Cypress
  • Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • Apache Camel
  • Ardoq
  • DevPod
  • Fastlane
  • Kora
  • LogicMonitor
  • Snyk
  • Svelte.js
  • TypeScript
  • vFunction
  • Wasm
  • Akeyless
  • BeyondCorp Enterprise
  • FireTail
  • Mandiant
  • Microsoft Security Copilot
  • NeuVector
  • OpenCTI
  • PlainID
  • Gem

Writing for so many technologies has enriched me with such exposure to the ever-evolving tech and cybersecurity landscape!

Talking to SMEs, researching and writing for Devoteam have allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of emerging tools and approaches for data-driven companies.

"I cannot recommend Vesna's copywriting expertise enough. Using her skills in writing plus her knowledge of tech, she has worked with my company on numerous articles and e-books over the last year. She approaches each project professionally and is willing to meet one-on-one with our tech experts to understand the subject matter best so that she can translate their technically speak into understandable business copy.On top of that, her ability to communicate clearly and understand + respond to feedback is unrivalled."—William Hyatt, former group content manager, Devoteam

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