Portrait photo of Vesna

Hi! My name is Vesna.

I'm a recovering copyeditor and revved-up copywriter who's 100% resolute in helping B2B companies nail their website messaging. 

If you're here because you want your website to have bold messaging that puts your prospects first, sweet!

I can help you sell your product or services without slimy tactics, grimy gimmicks or blah buzzwords.

But I have one rule:

I only work with businesses who treat their customers like gold.


That's because conversion copy on top of a broken business model is like using deodorant to mask chronically poor hygiene. It just adds reach to the stench. (And, honestly, working with businesses that exploit their customers just plain stinks.)

But if you love and value your customers, we're golden.

So let's chat about your copy needs, shall we ...

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In a sea of freelance copywriters,
finding the right fit can be a pain ...

Some copywriters just write and run. Others sacrifice clear for clever. And some are sweet to work with but leave sloppy mistakes in your copy. 

So let me put your fears to rest. Here's what it's like to work with me:

  • I take the time to take it all in. Your business model, your past campaigns, your customer profiles, your service or product and the evolution it's gone through, the highs and lows, any metrics you may have ... just lay it all out, let it go and let me make sense of it all. 

  • I'm crystal-clear on what I can do for you. I stand by my word, so I never promise something I can't deliver. But I'm also up for new challenges and I love overdelivering, so if we can go to new heights together, you'll be the first to know.

  • I keep you in the loop the whole way through. You never have to wonder what's going on or where we're at. You'll get updates from me regularly, and you can trust me to keep things moving. Nothing makes me happier than a relaxed, confident, satisfied client. (I can see you popping the bubbly already.)

Because I value relationships ...

  • the relationship you have with your customers,

  • the relationship your customers have with your product and

  • the relationships I build with the businesses I serve,

you can expect me to be fully invested in your success.